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Why hello there stranger, I see you've come to find out a little more about moi.

So without further ado, I'll introduce myself:
 Hi I'm Tabatha, and I'm a bookaholic!
Okay,okay.. Enough of the AA style introduction.

My name is Tabatha, I'm 18 , and I love reading and writing. I don't, however, much enjoy writing long paragraphs about myself; so instead, I've compiled a list of the most important things about little old me.. Enjoy!

1- I'm fluent in English, French and Sarcasm, although I try to keep the latter to a minimum..
2- I'm a pescatarian, but find that it's simpler to tell people I'm a vegetarian..
3- I'm addicted to all things makeup and fashion related, and buy ELLE magazine as frequently as possible.
4- I'm the kind of person who likes to have a secret stash of chocolate in my room, I keep mine in a vintage-style Breakfast At Tiffany's tin.
5- I love films. From Captain America and The Amazing Spiderman to Funny Face, Aristocats and Clueless, anything with a good plot and cast and I'll be there.
6- I, unfortunately, have an addiction to buying books. Or more accurately, to walking into bookstores and then feeling as if I have to buy something.
7- I tend to forget about books I've bought until I rearrange my bookshelves. My current, and favourite, arrangement is alphabetical. (So many authors's last names start in C..)
8- I get very anxious about a lot of things in everyday life, and if I were a verb I'd be conjugated in the conditional because I tend to live my life worried about what could happen and not what is happening.
9- I, however, am fearful to actually say I have anxiety.
10- I lived in France for 8 years, in the 17th Departement, called Charente Maritime.
11- Unfortunately, I've never been to Paris. The closest I've ever gotten is Disneyland Paris.. Which is one of my favourite places.
12- Places I have been include: Rome and Florence in Italy; Casablanca and Marrakech in Morocco; Herrenchiemsee and Munich in Germany; Salamanca and Madrid in Spain
13- When I went to Salamanca, I visited La Universidad de Salamanca and I spotted the frog perched on a skull. Which, according to an old legend, means I'll be successful when it comes to exams (let's hope so *crosses fingers*)
14- I would love to be a successful author when I'm older.. That said, I also want to be a fashion journalist, a professional singer, and an artist..
15- Music is one of my many passions, and I struggle writing without a good beat blasting through my headphones.
16- The first books I remember being read/reading are: The Famous Five, and The China Rabbit by Enid Blyton.
17- In the time that it takes me to do my makeup in the morning, I could easily shower (hair-washing included), dress and style my hair.
18- I have a collection of lipbalms. Not by choice. I just have no restraint when in comes to Chapstick. *shrugs* Maybe it says something about me?
19- I'm a complete sucker for packaging. I know, I know, 'Don't judge a book by it's cover' but can you really blame me for being succeptible to beautiful packaging (and covers..)?
20- I love cats. I tend to incorporate cat gifs into all of my reviews, and I never use a gif that doesn't feature a cat (it's harder than it sounds). Because of this, I have a Cats folder that currently includes 813 cat gifs.. Let me tell you, that's hard to explain to people who don't know I review books..

Who knows when I'll ever need a gif of a cat getting it's head stuck in a slipper in a review, but if I do, I have just the gif:

Over & Out, T xx

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